Greetings Earthlings-Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

When you research the definition of dimension on "Google" you will find this:

And this:

But why is this important?

This is important without any further abstractions, because now is the time to evolve in thinking. Now is the time to relearn everything that you have learned and Master it. Now is the time for the student to become the teacher and the teacher to become the student. This is a time when things that didn't make sense will suddenly now be of interest. I love being on Earth when it feels like this! We are smack dab in the midst of this Golden Age and I can feel it. I fee absolutely wonderful. Is everything going well with me, but of course it is. I am learning and growing everyday. No longer do I allow the negativity to get me down or the thoughts of days long forgot to flood my mind! Gratitude is the reason for joyful rejoicing in the knowing that this life is not the end! In this fifth dimension we all discover that we live forever. Forever and ever amen. We are here to love and that is it! The way we have lived our lives was not normal and many grew weary of the lifestyle. Well this is the beginning of a new lifestyle, your new utopia, and the old ways are passed. If you are awake you will see and if you are wise you will know but woe to you if you are sleep for you will not know and you will not see. Selah.

Rejoice! We are now in the Fifth Dimension! Prepare yourself and begin to make the appropriate adjustments for your graceful transition! If you are not ready, no worries. I have not forgotten all those that I have already brought with me and I will continue to enlighten you of my ways. You can choose to participate as much as you like. I hope that all those that have followed me along the way will continue to find interest but it is not about me. I want to enlighten everyone willing to be open to the light. I have started this new journey by preparing to be interact within the digital Matrix. My first goal, to have wonderful meditation links for you on YouTube that you can access from the website.

Meditation is very important for a sound body soul and mind. If you are not familiar with mediation or how to meditate I will be sure to put some instructional video links on the site as well. I know that some people are really wanting to know more but don't know where to start and may feel awkward asking anyone. Well I am the queen of awkward. Meditation has helped me in so many ways and that is why meditation is the very first thing that I want to share from this new universe. Making time to meditate at least once a day is very important to maintain mental balance.

So now you know how I plan to introduce you into this new lifestyle and the only question remaining to be answered is are you willing to be introduced? If you want to know more please subscribe to the website so you can get exclusive information. I have some plans for 2022 but I can just use my website as a billboard to let everybody know what my next move is, I like surprises and I hope you will too because that is what I have in store. I can give you a hint though: if you are a collector you really don't want to miss out on what I have planned for this new year! Just subscribe to the website with your email so that I can send you updates too! Hopefully you will come here to find out what's new but I will send out some notifications only when it's relevant, or necessary otherwise I will have my social presence on Facebook of course, You Tube, and Loudly. For all other news you will need to subscribe.

Love you all and see you on the inside!


Here is a link to a nice

meditation video to have on

while you are sleeping: