Theatrical Background Experience!

One day while sitting in my studio, I started to think on how I can broaden my social circle regarding my art business.

So I decided to take a walk through Main Street to see who I could meet and possible make new connections. I started out going door to door to businesses and most of them were closed that day. I stopped by the Ragged Edge, the name of the performance theater and I met Allen. He runs the place. He was very pleasing to speak with and we built up a nice repour.

Later that week to my surprise I receive a message from my website concerning doing work on a background at the Theatre. It was from Allen, he was impressed with my work and asked if I'd be interested working on the background for the upcoming performance. Of course I was like heck yea. I volunteered my services for about four weeks until I fell ill. Fortunately I had completed all the work that need to bee done. I was somewhat pleased with all I had accomplished. The only thing that was on my mind was that I didn't get to clean up some of my lines and just finesse the whole think like I would have like. The good news is that Allen told me that with theatre, no one will be close enough to see the details.

As a studio artist, I am used to creating work that will be scrutinized by the eyes, up close and personal. I felt good knowing that I had given it my all and I know can take that experience with me for the future. The panels that I painted are 8 feet tall approximately and about 3.5 feet wide. It was comparable to doing four murals in one month, or in 60 hrs. I think that a lot of my excitement carried me and helped me to be so dedicated to the process.

The play opened yesterday on the 19th of September and the director James, did a remarkable job with the cast. I heard and saw some of the performance and I have to say the he as a director is very very talented. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. The same can be said for Allen.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on the background and I would do it again anytime! I have gathered some photos. Please enjoy