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About Aole

A, O, L, and E stands for the Artwork Of LaChrista Ellis. Ms. Ellis is the Sole Owner and Ceo. She created this company out of a passion for artistic expression, love of culture, and admiration for the influence fashion has had on pop art and vice versa. Her BA is in Studio Art and she accumulated over 20 years of experience creating, promoting, and selling art. LaChrista feels it is important to empower others and that’s why Aole embraces the diversity of culture and also spirituality.  LaChrista’s theory is that the creative process is a spiritual experience and that belief system is reflected in her designs and ventures. She is a firm believer in “it takes a village to raise a child” and in that same respect feels “it takes a tribe to grow an artist”. Aole is that tribe. Welcome home, Wayfarer!


Please enjoy your stay!

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